VAT Refund

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The first step in VAT refund is to analyze the possibility of VAT refund based on the delivery of documentation from the client. The VAT refund procedure includes many different procedures that include: screening and analysis of existing documentation, selection of valid documents, direct consultation with the client, creation and submission of requests, etc.

Clients do not have any financial or other costs for us until approval is received for positively resolved refund requests. In order to perform VAT refund, the following are required: original invoices (preferably in the name of the company), confirmation from the PRO that the company is in the VAT system, as well as other necessary documents prescribed by the tax administrations of the countries where refund is requested of VAT. Macedonian companies can refund VAT from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Needed documents

The documents required for VAT refund vary from country to country

  • Document 1

  • Document 2

  • Document 3

  • Document 4